Attracting, retaining and supervising the most diverse segments of the workforce

As more students enter the workforce each year, as employee diversity and difference becomes more of an asset for organizations and as technology constantly disrupts how all businesses survive in the market, a strong recruitment and management strategy is more important than ever for companies looking to acquire the most innovative ideas.

My research, speaking and writing focuses on how companies can build the strongest foundation of employees through proactive recruitment strategies, tailored management and retention practices as well as consistent communication strategies. As companies build culture through their people and organizational management, their reputations and services enhance, setting a higher bar for diversity, inclusion and innovation.

"Lukas Pesa is a thought leader on generational trends in the workforce who is passionate about building connections and inspiring collaboration. Lukas shared his research and expertise on my show Business Wellness in Hamilton focusing on the integral role millennials play in our workplace today. I’m always impressed with his passion and professionalism." 

- Linda Marshall, President of Marshall Connects, Author, TV Host

People, Millennial and Organizational Management