My keynotes discuss the disconnect between companies and prospective entry-level employees and how both the most compatible students and employers can make themselves more visible to one another.

speaking Topics

Student workshops

EXECUTIVE personal branding training 

I teach students how to brand themselves online to showcase their interests and skills in a way that makes them more visible to the companies they target for employment. 


There is a generational disconnect in the current workforce that can prevent compatible employers and students from finding one another. With a more competitive student cohort entering the workforce, it is harder for students to find opportunities with great companies. And with the number students entering the workforce increasing each year, HR departments are more bombarded with applicant information than ever making it harder for companies to find the best matches for their openings.  

My workshops and training sessions bridge the gaps that exists between students looking for companies compatible with their values and interests, and companies looking for compatible students to fill roles. 

I provide training for companies on how to create recruitment and management programs that can increase their visibility among the best students, as well as personal branding training for students to help them increase their visibility amongst great companies.

I provide social media training for executives who are looking to increase their online presence. I align the tactics of my clients with the goals they have for their online brand to make them more visible to potential stakeholders.

Corporate training


  • Millennial Recruitment
  • Millennial Retainment
  • Millennial Supervision
  • Personal Branding
  • Relationship Building
  • Brand Management

​connecting opposite spectrums of the workforce

I teach companies best practices in the areas of millennial recruitment, retainment and supervision to ensure the attraction and maintaining of the best millennial employees. I also speak about how companies can bridge the gap between themselves and the newest members of the workforce to garner better results.