Millennials misrepresented in the Brexit vote: analysis
A look at the Brexit vote and the different viewpoints of different areas of the voting population.


Do culture and geographic location dictate business success?

Different cultures can have different viewpoints on business and economics. A look at how the workforce separates different business approaches into categories and where in the world they can be most commonly found.  

How companies can save millions through millennial engagement
A lack of engagement at work from employees can cost an employer lots of money in turnover. A management culture of involvement and inclusivity can result in higher gains for any corporation.

How millennials changed communication forever

A look at the different methods of communication available to millennials and the connectivity it has made them come to expect in the workforce.


Why do millennials quit? 

An analysis of some of the factors that dictate the internal movement of the workforce.


The Agenda with Steve Paikin- TVO

​Millennials At Work

The benefits of having a proactive communication strategy with employees, understanding your employee base and allowing your employees to be empowered are just a few of the topics discussed in my panel discussion on The Agenda.



How Millennials Can Stand Out At Long-Established Companies

​As I discuss in the article, millennials have a broad range of tools to find good companies. With access to more tools than ever to acquire information, millennials have the ability to create personal brands to make themselves as visible as possible to their personal stakeholders, in some cases, their own managers.  


The economic impact of company culture 

​Between recruitment costs and cost of engagement at work (or lack thereof), I break down the economic ripple effects of how a company culture is built.   

How companies can use Pokemon GO to engage millennials 

How the popular virtual reality game can be seen as a blueprint for people management in the workplace.

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AlphaGamma - Business Portal for Millennials

My articles discuss beats including: diversity in the workforce, organizational trends, recruitment and management trends and how the public and private sectors can work together to connect great candidates with great opportunities. 



Hackathons And Competitions: How Companies Are Integrating With Millennials To Attract Talent

​With so many graduates entering the workforce each year, companies have a hard time sorting through as many candidates as are available. I discuss how a proactive recruitment strategy is critical in making the right opportunities visible to the right candidates with specific reference to hackathons in the recruitment for students in the tech industry.   


How personal branding is replacing resumes and cover letters
Personal branding allows millennials a way to differentiate themselves by marketing their skills online to become visible to and connect with the best companies.

People, Millennial and Organizational Management 


Who will millennials vote for in the American election?

How millennials approach the political process.


Millennials and Brexit  

How the Brexit vote played out according to different demographics.

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How businesses have leveraged Pokemon GO for millennials
How Pokemon GO has transformed the way services are delivered to consumer clients.


Emotional intelligence in millennials

A podcast series with Linda Marshall of Marshall Connects featuring myself as we discuss generational differences in the workforce.

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