Keynote speaking: Connecting opposite spectrums of the workforce

Students and companies sometimes have a hard time finding one another because of the large clutter of students coming out of school, and the rare occasion that great companies have openings that graduating students are actually compatible for. My keynotes address the gap that exists in the workforce between companies trying to find compatible students (and vice-versa) and how both students and companies can adjust their tactics to finding one another through personal branding and corporate management practices. Through my speaking topics, my goal is to bridge the gap that separates compatible students from corporate opportunities by teaching both sides of the gap (students and companies) how to make themselves more visible to the other. 

​​Personal branding training for executives

Creating a personal branding strategy by creating a unified message through social media networks allows executives to reach their personal goals; whether that includes connecting to specific stakeholders, establishing a sense of credibility to attract business leads or simply being a part of the right conversations in the industry to engage the right people rather than a lot. This approach to personal branding can make individuals most visible to their most important stakeholders. In tailored training sessions, I teach executives:

  • how to build the                    foundation of a                      personal brand and              how to use the different        social networks for their        respective purposes
  • how to follow the right          people and different              ways to interact with            their content
  • how to post content              and participate in the            right online                            conversations   

​​Millennial management and recruitment consulting

​I provide consulting services to help companies create recruitment and management programs so companies are equipped to recruit the best graduating talent in their fields, and so they are able to keep the most talented individuals at their companies for prolonged periods. Specific areas my research focuses on include:

  • proactive vs. reactive            recruitment and which          is more effective in                attracting millennials to        your company
  • how to create personal        development programs        in your company to              empower your                      youngest employees            and provide them with          challenges and                      opportunities that keeps        them at your company 
  • communication best              practices and                        evaluation practices              that allow you to equip          your millennal talent              with the information              they need and build a          balanced relationship            with them without                  micromanaging 

​​Personal branding training for students (Secondary and Post-Secondary students)

Many companies struggle to find students that are most compatible with their brand values. Creating a personal brand based on passions and skills can make students more visible to the best companies. I specifically teach students how to build on their knowledge of social media and approach their online presence in the same way a major corporation:

  • how to post content              strategically based on          the foundation of a                personal brand
  • how to connect with              influencers in the                  industry you are trying          to break into
  • How to engage with              them in a way that you          can monitor the                    progress of your                    personal brand